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Precision coffin sewing machine

  • Coffin sewing machine
Coffin sewing machine

Coffin sewing machine

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Coffin sewing machine

Functional features:

1. The machine is widely used: blanking, drilling, cutting, edge guide, milling, etc.

2. This pneumatic charging device, complete set of brackets, infrared charging device, icon 7.5kw pure copper motor, 600mm saw blade.

3, double rail bilateral transmission machine, is a heavy cutting machining model.

4, table vacuum adsorption. The whole plate processing does not need to saw again cuts, may on-line cut, may omit the mold manufacture.

5. Equipped with automatic lubrication system.

6, the four-step cutting machine is multi-head asynchronous carving: through the multi-head alternating work, can achieve rapid automatic tool switching, save the time of manual tool change, improve the overall processing speed and precision of the workpiece.

7. Optional automatic loading and unloading and double working position.

Product details:

Coffin sewing machine



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